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If I want to share your happiness, I’ll join you without an invitation -- Levan Berdzenishvili
Janet Kerdikoshvili on top beautiful woman list
Who will check the meeting with European Standards in Georgia?
NGOs of Georgia issue joint statement on ex-President’s summoning
Georgia’s delegation attending UN General Assembly
I urge the Government members as well as our people to try their best to wipe out this shameful stain – Irakli Alasania
Mikheil Saakashvili may be sentenced to 5 or 8 years imprisonment
Having failed to get hold of the billions “appropriated” by me, they decided to bring purely political charges against me – Mikheil Saakshvili
Badri Patarkatsishvili’s family responds to the Prosecutor’s Office move to bring charges against Mikheil Saakashvili
Military Matters
16 000 Russian servicemen deployed near Russia-Ukraine border
Our soldiers are absolutely ready to perform the mission – Irakli Alasania
I am proud of the fact that we will have the Georgian soldiers in our rank – Philip Dimitrov
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ერეკლე კოდუა გარდაცვლილ ბადრი პატარკაციშვილს უმძიმეს ბრალდებებს უყენებს!
ჭიკაიძე: ამოვიღეთ 2,7 ტონა გერაინი (ხიდაშელი ჭიკაიძეს დასცინის?)
ვითარება ღაზას სექტორში
მერიის თანამშრომლები დაკითხვაზე დაიბარეს
საკადრო ცვლილებები მთავრობაში
ცვლილებები მინისტრთა კაბინეტში-გამოხმაურება
საკადრო ცვლილებები მთავრობაში-გამოხმაურებები
კულტურის სამინისტრო გურამ ოდიშარიას გარეშე
საქართველოს პრეზიდენტის განცხადება
მყინვარიდან ფეხმოტეხილი ტურისტის ჩამოყვანა
ბათუმის საკრებულოს 5 კომისია ჰყავს
მგლები სოფელ შამგონაში
Popular News
2014.08.01 16:31
As a result of operative activities, the officers of Tbilisi Police Main Division detained administrator of Chinese massage salon located on Pekini Street, Chinese citizen Meihua Khu ( DOB 1960) for providing lodging to prostitution.
Politics |
2014.07.31 18:26
Member of the parliamentary opposition, Victor Dolidze, advises Mr. Saakshvili to return to his Georgia and answer all questions from the Prosecutor’s Office. As per Mr. Dolidze, our former High Executive must comprehend a gist of the statement from the U.S. Department.
Politics |
2014.07.31 14:29
Georgia’s former Chief Executive, Mikheil Saakashvili, responded to Nino Burjanadze’s move to give testimony against him before a grand jury and stated that Putin and Medvedev could give them better testimony than Mrs. Burjanadze.
Society |
2014.07.31 13:48
A car has crashed into a 6-year-old girl on the Telavi-Gurjaani highway.
Society |
2014.07.30 17:33
Head Coach of Tbilisi Dinamo, Mikheil Bilek, has been replaced with Kakha Gogichaishvili, who fired all top footballers including captain of the team and a goalkeeper Giorgi Loria. Only Chiko has remained in the team.
Politics |
2014.07.30 17:10
The candidates participating in the elections have received tribute of 6 578 822 GEL. As they state within the parties’ Monitoring Service, Georgian Dream Coalition has gotten as much as 5.266,701 GEL, while the National Movement has been granted 299,383 laris.
Politics |
2014.07.30 16:04
The U.S. senators have responded to our Government’s move to bring charges against Mikheil Saakashvili and have not hesitated to express their disappointment over their decision.
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Geotimes TV
ერეკლე კოდუა გარდაცვლილ ბადრი პატარკაციშვილს უმძიმეს ბრალდებებს უყენებს!
ჭიკაიძე: ამოვიღეთ 2,7 ტონა გერაინი (ხიდაშელი ჭიკაიძეს დასცინის?)
ვითარება ღაზას სექტორში
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August 2014
Chronicle of the day
Steps taken by some Georgian officials in Ukraine jars Mr. Poroshenko’s nerves – expert Mamuka Areshidze
With regard to Mikheil Saakashvili’s incarceration, the Chief Prosecutor’s Office has received the West’s approval
Initial CEC results: Georgian Dream ranks first in all districts
Georgia’s PM guarantees a pressure-free business environment
Nika Gvaramia excuses and publicizes a new convert videos
Home Today
Mikheil Saakashvili did not show up at the Prosecutor’s Office
On 29 July, deputies will discuss the report on the activity of National Bank of Georgia
PASHA Bank Sponsors Business Development Forum
SOCAR Energy Georgia will try to retain old petrol price
Car crashes into a 6-year-old girl
Causes of the fire at Gulf oil base have not been pinned down yet
Footballer Giorgi Loria fired; he leaves “Tbilisi Dinamo”
Determining Whether 'Something Worse' Could Replace Hamas in Gaza
Israel Bombs Power Plant; Water Going from "Undrinkable" to "Catastrophic"
EU imposes new set of sanctions on Russia
Why Gigi Targmadze turned the PM’s invitation down
Janet Kerdikoshvili on top beautiful woman list
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