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"National Movement" is preparing "Tbilisian Maydan"
The Ramtrans Group – International Freight and International Quality
Grigory Karasin said at the meeting that Russia does not intend to put any kind of pressure on Georgia – Zurab Abashidze
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The Pay Boxes of TBC Bank and the Bank of Georgia were robbed
The son of killed Asatiani: Parliament Member PaataLezhava threated me
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Defence Minister of the Netherlands pays an official visit to Georgia
Irakli Alasania held Telephone Conversation with Ukrainian
Meeting with Afghan Minister of Defence
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Czar Vladimir's Illusions
President Mikheil Saakashvili of the Republic of Georgia to Join Tufts' Fletcher School as Senior Statesman
Georgia Sets Sights On NATO Membership Action Plan
Moscow will host Georgian-Russian business forum
2013.04.08 11:51
Georgian-Russian business forum will take place in Moscow today. According to the head of the center of Cooperation between Russia and Georgia Giorgi Seturidze the forum is held on the initiative of the Russian partners, informs Geotimes.ge.
From the Georgian side in a forum take the representatives of the Banking Association of Georgia, Georgian wine exporters Association, the airlines' Airzena ", the representatives of tourism companies and others.
The Forum is held in order to achieve the economic successes. It will consist of two parts. The first part is intended for the presentation of the Georgian side, during which will be told about the projects on which the cooperation is possible.
The second part will be fully paid to the discussion, which will be attended by heads of industry associations and experts.
In the forum will be discussed topics such as tourism, agriculture, energy and banking.
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უკრაინის კრიზისი
პრეზიდენტისა და ექსპერტების შეხვედრა
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ლალი მოროშკინას სკანდალური განცხადებები „რეაქციაში"
როლანდ ახალაიას ბრალი წარუდგინეს
ჟურნალისტი ინტერვიუს ჩაწერის დროს წყალში გადავარდა
შეხვედრა მაია ფანჯიკიძესთან
„ჯორჯიან თაიმსის" ტრადიციული მე-14 ბიზნეს დაჯილდოება
ახალაიას პროცესი
"ნაციონალური მოძრაობის" ინფორმაციით, მთავრობა უკვე ჩარიცხული დაუბეგრავი მინიმუმის უკან დაბრუნებას ითხოვს
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World |
2014.04.17 19:23
From November 1, Free Trade Area will work in accordance with the principles, on which the European market opens for Ukraine now.
World |
2014.04.17 19:23
Using tanks and aviation against Eastern Ukraine residents it the mistake of the current government of Kiev, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said on “direct line” with the nation.
World |
2014.04.17 14:54
Russia will not put any kind of pressure on Georgia as the country prepares to sign the Association Agreement (AA) with EU, said Georgia’s special envoy to Russia after meeting a Russian representative in Prague today.
World |
2014.04.17 14:52
Fostering international investors in Georgia’s economy is the aim of today’s meeting between the country’s Prime Minister and more than a dozen international businessmen.
World |
2014.04.12 15:54
Catherine Ashton, the European Union's foreign policy chief, is going to attend the talks, according to the statement.
World |
2014.04.11 16:35
The crisis of Ukraine will not affect negatively the Georgia-EU cooperation, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said after talks with his Georgian counterpart Maya Panjikidze.
World |
2014.04.11 16:24
French reconnaissance ship Depuy de Lome has entered the Black Sea, Ukrainian media informs.
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